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Domain Validation Forced Message


Domain Validation Forced Message


I have an RX-2660 server running HP-UX 11iv3 and in /var/stm/logs/os I am getting the following message every few hours.

Domain Validation forced SCSI Parameter fallback. Target ID 6 - Currently operatin at Ultra160 Wide.

I am not sure what this is supposed to be telling and what I need to do, can anyone assist please?
Honored Contributor

Re: Domain Validation Forced Message

Your SCSI interface can probably run at U320 Wide. Something has caused the system to drop the SCSI transfer mode to U160 Wide: perhaps the device that has SCSI target ID 6 is not U320-capable, or perhaps it produced errors when the system tried to use the U320 mode.

You should check the performance specifications of your SCSI devices. If you don't need the maximum speed of U320 Wide, you might configure that particular SCSI bus to U160 Wide, so it won't even try to use any speeds faster than that.

Without seeing the list of devices plugged into your SCSI bus (and their target IDs), I cannot say anything more.