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Drd Clone create drd_rootdg

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Drd Clone create drd_rootdg

Hi Guys,

i want to use a drd just to preserve a boot disk copy.

now i have done a drd copy successfully.

I do drd activate  and reboot a system, and i see that a dg is now drd_rootdg.

What is a procedure to change a name drd_rootdg in rootdg?

i want preserve my boot disk but if i must apply a roolback procedure with drd,

i would like have a rootdg and not a drd_rootdg

Help me  

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Drd Clone create drd_rootdg

Here's a tech note from Symantec / Veritas on how to do it with Solaris:


I think you should be able to do something similar in HP-UX by booting into VxVM maintenance mode.


You can do that by doing "hpux -vm" on PA-RISC server or 'boot vmunix -vm' on an Itanium server.

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Re: Drd Clone create drd_rootdg


I don't apply it to hp.

Any one help me