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Dump device Problem

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Dump device Problem

I configured /dev/vg00/lvdump as a dump device in HP-UX 11iv3 server by editing /etc/fstab file.

After some time i remove the line from /etc/fstab and run command crashconf -ar but crashconf commnd output still showing size assigned to the dump device(/dev/vg00/lvdump).

How can it be removed from crashconf output.

Hope server reboot not required for that.

Below is the output


Dump compressed:    ON

Dump Parallel:    ON

------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ -------------------------
  3:0x000006      2612064      8388608  64:0x000002 /dev/vg00/lvol2
  3:0x000006     66050912     16777216  64:0x00000b


# crashconf -l

DEVICE          LOGICAL VOL.           NAME                 LUNPATH HANDLE
------------    ---------------     -------------------    -----------------------
 3:0x000006     64:0x000002         /dev/vg00/lvol2             6/0/8/1/0.0x8.0x0
 3:0x000006     64:0x00000b                      6/0/8/1/0.0x8.0x0

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Re: Dump device Problem

Try adding the entry for that LV back into /etc/fstab.  Check the crashconf output and see if the LV name shows again.


If it does then run 'crashconf -d' and specify the name of that LV to delete it.  If it is deleted successfully then remove it from /etc/fstab again.

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Re: Dump device Problem

[ Edited ]

Hi patric,


Actually i removed that LV after removing the entry from /etc/fstab file.

Now accoding to you i recreate that LV with the same name and size and made entry in /etc/fstab also but now i get the below error


# crashconf -a
/dev/vg00/lvdump: warning: duplicate device
# crashconf -d lvdump /dev/vg00
lvdump: error: can't find device
/dev/vg00: error: can't find device



Opps my mistake it is working

#crashconf -d /dev/vg00/lvdump

it deletes the device entry from crashconf.