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EMC management

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Ron Irving
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EMC management


I am in the beginning stages of setting up an EMC SAN. Mulitple HP-UX servers, (rx and blade systems will be utilizing this. What would be the preferred management tool of the gurus? Is there a managemennt tool, (i.e. powerpath,) that can be installed on a remote system, (my laptop,) that I could use to connect to the system while at the customer site, and remotely as needed?

Thank you in advance!

Ron Irving
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Re: EMC management

Management of the EMC arrays would likely be via Unisphere if it's fairly new equipment. That may vary somewhat by model, however. I'm fairly new to EMC equipment and only dealt with Celerra/CLARiiON. EMC wasn't pushing the Unisphere stuff too much when we did our install last year so depending on the equipment and when you got it, you could be dealing with Navisphere, which runs on the array controllers. You access it through a web browser so there's nothing to install on your laptop.

Powerpath has little to do with the management of the arrays from the aspect you are implying. It is the multipathing software that is run on the hosts actually accessing LUNs on the arrays.
Jeff Traigle
Steven E. Protter
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Re: EMC management

Shalom Ron,

HP-UX 11.31 has built in mult pathing and does not need EMC Powerpath. EMC will tell you different, but my entire production environment here is 11.31 and has no powerpath.

We do use the symcli tool to discover and configure disks.

EMC provides a web based tool for configuring LUN's and presenting disk to the server. A web browser should be sufficient to take care of this task should you need to do it.

If you are at a remote location without access to the network EMC server is running on, you can set up a workstation in the home network and use VNC or Remote Desktop connection to connect in and configure and present LUNs to systems.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: EMC management

Thanks guys!! Is syscli a downloadable product, or is it already there on 11.31?
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P Arumugavel
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Re: EMC management