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ERROR Subsys:STREAMS Loc:00123

Kennedy G. Doss
Regular Advisor

ERROR Subsys:STREAMS Loc:00123

Dear HP-UX Gurus:

I have been seeing these errors messages on the console of multiple HP-UX iVMs running service guard. Has anyone seen this one before? Any information will be very much appreciated.



Thu Apr 03 EDT 2014 14:28:19.677897  ERROR        Subsys:STREAMS      Loc:00123

8 14:28:19 1600172 1 T.. 2224 11 tl_wput:T_OPTMGMT_REQ:out of state, state=10



Thu Apr 03 EDT 2014 14:28:20.692019  ERROR        Subsys:STREAMS      Loc:00123

9 14:28:20 1600273 1 T.. 2224 27 tl_wput:T_OPTMGMT_REQ:out of state, state=10





Re: ERROR Subsys:STREAMS Loc:00123

This error message might not indicate a problem with the STREAMS subsystem, but possibly a user space process which was issuing T_OPTMGMT_REQ at a point in time it shouldn't have.


Check to see if you are seeing the same error messages in the network tracing and logging system, this will show you the Process ID of the process that is generating this:


netfmt -f /var/adm/nettl.LOG000


That will at least narrow this down for you...



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