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EVA 6000 - OS not seeing new LUNs

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EVA 6000 - OS not seeing new LUNs



I have created and presented some new vDISKs on the EVA6K to an HP-UX11.31 RP7420. but forgot to note which ones I was going to use in which VG.  They were now visible to the OS with sizes, but showing unused in SMH.


I then proceeded to unpresent them and delete them from command view GUI, and now they show unused with zero size.  My plan was to re-create on at a time.  When I create one new vDISK and present, I cannot see it in SMH.  Also, an ioscan -fnCdisk before and after creating this new single vDISK, shows no difference.


Hope this makes sense.





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Re: EVA 6000 - OS not seeing new LUNs

There is an easier way called "evainfo", this is part of the SSSU download for P6000 /EVA.


However, if you delete a LUN and re-present the same LUN number, the OS will nott allow access until you allow it using the scsimgr replace_wwid command.


Look for



SCSI Management and Diagnostics utility on HP-UX 11i v3


page 30.

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA 6000 - OS not seeing new LUNs

if a reboot is possible in your case, reboot should resolve it.

if rebooting is not an option, make a note of LUN# being used, and unpresent and re-present the luns through a new LUN # , (select LUN assignment from presentation window) ...this should fix your problem..

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Re: EVA 6000 - OS not seeing new LUNs

Thanks for all the help Torsten & whiz_kud.