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EVA Disk Group Performance

Occasional Contributor

EVA Disk Group Performance

Hello, Oracle best practices recommended to implement a disk group for each Oracle database engine. how can it affect if I have two or more engines in the same diskgroup?

Oracle 10.2.0 RHEL 5.4
EVA 8400
thank you very much.
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Disk Group Performance

The EVA8400 is a fairly "good" and fast array. I do not know where you got that best practice from but what it probably meant was to have a separate DG for your "hot" Oracle "files" -- i.e. archive log, redo log, etc.

DG1 will be likely for your main DataFiles for howevr many Oracle Instance you wish to stash there

DG2 will likely be for your archive logs, redos, etc.

Note however the rules: disk members should be in multiples of 8 and the larger the disk count, the higher performaning will be your Vdisks (more spindles engaged)

We however sticked with one very large (240 Disks) Diskgroup -- with about a dozen large Databases on 'em (ASM). WHat we do as added best practice is to have multiple large Vdisks (we've settled for 200 to 400 GB sized Vdisks) so the DB instance can load balance / stripe accross the controllers.


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