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EVA and Tru64 5.1A

Antonio Gonzalez_4
Regular Advisor

EVA and Tru64 5.1A

We plan to update this installation:
Tru64 5.1A + PK4
Trucluster (Memory Channel)
MSA1000 with embeded Brocade switches
Oracle RAC 9i

to use an EVA for boot/data and the MSA1000 for disk backup.

Problems & Questions are:

1.- New EVA4000 seems to be unsupported with 5.1A. Is there any out there with such combination ??

2.- What IS supported is EVA 3/5000 with VCS 3025 ... will it also support VCS 3028 on an EVA3000 ?? If this is the only possible solution, we can get an EVA3000 instead 4000.

3.- I'm not pretty sure that EVA can use the embeded brocade MSA's switches. Can you provide any experience ?

They don't wanto to update Tru64 because the system is pretty stable and the possible migration issues (downtime, etc.)

Any help will be very welcome