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EVWEB - Creating Subscriptions

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EVWEB - Creating Subscriptions


I am trying to create a subscription that sends an e-mail when one of the power supplies on my HP-UX server loses power.  The attached scan shows the specific error message that I am trying to catch.


I have setup the subscription as follows:


     severity = 7 Critical

     device = System Power

     eventID = 103003


I then go out to my server and unplug one of the power supplies.  I wait about 10 seconds and then plug it back in.  I get the standard EMS alerts (including the 103003 alert), but nothing from EVWEB.


What am I missing?





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Re: EVWEB - Creating Subscriptions


Solved my own problem!


The device should be "System Hardware", not "System Power". 


You can find this in the Logs section of the SMH under Evweb->Event Viewer.  The "Event Category" section of the log section equates to the "Device" section of the Evweb subscription...