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Re: Edit File inittab

Eli Daniel
Super Advisor

Edit File inittab

I need edit file inittab and add line the command start agent tivoli (dsmcad)

I dont understand the options in the inittab (man innitab) how can add line? What parameter use??

The directory run agent is:

Kenan Erdey
Honored Contributor

Re: Edit File inittab


you can add this entry. this runs in run level3. and doesn't wait for it. if you want this process run always, if you want it respawn if someone kills it, change once with respawn.

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Re: Edit File inittab

Look what Clay said !!

The only thing that may not be clear is that the action field should be "respawn". Each time your process terminates (ie the sleep ends) it will terminate and init will automatically restart the process. Make sure that all needed environment variables such as PATH are explicitly set in the script itself because the environment will be very sparse.
Once you edit inittab and add your entry; issue and "init q" command so that init will reread inittab and process your new entry.


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