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Evainfo Tool

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Evainfo Tool


     I use evainfo in order to match between the wwwid for luns seen from the command view and the OS (HP-UX, B.11.23, rx4640 server).

     I execute the following command in order to have files each of them has c't'd' inside to ease the matching process with the vgdisplay process.


for i in `sed -n '/Lun/p' evainfo | awk '{print $3}'i`
> do
> ./evainfo_hpux11_23_IA -w $i > $i
> done

evainfo file is a files created with ./evainfo_hpux11_23_IA -W > evainfo


    I noticed that all the luns i've presented to the system from command view are 53, while the number of created files are 72,,, the difference between them are empty files (lun id with no c't'd created). Ioscan -fnC disk revealed no new hardware paths.

    what are those luns?


./evainfo_hpux11_23_IA -v
EVAInfo v7.0_070614