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FTP permission

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FTP permission

User is created any file, the file permission should be "rw-rw-r--"
User transfer any file through FTP, it could be changed to "rw-r-----"

user account uamsk value is 002,
now user required permision is "rw-r--r--"

please help ,how to resolve this issue.

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Re: FTP permission

umask is not used for ftp, because your shell is not used for ftp. Your .profile is not read, not processed, and of no use to ftp.

However, when whoever or whatever ftps the file, they can run the chmod command on the file after it finishes being put on the destination server.
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: FTP permission


You can control the file mode by adding a umask value to the 'ftpd' daemon as spawned by 'inetd' in '/etc/inetd.conf' ('-u umask') and by using the 'ftpaccess' file (and adding '-a' to the 'ftp' specification in 'inetd.conf').

See the manpages for 'ftpd', 'ftpacess' and 'inetd' for more information.


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Re: FTP permission

U can use sftp, insted of ftp i guess.
There is a option of umask in sftp.

For more information man sftp
singh sanjeev
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Re: FTP permission

Yes , in SFTP you can use umask option for the file permission.

please check your sshd.config file.
Sanjeev Singh