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Re: FTP speed on blade servers

James George_1
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Re: FTP speed on blade servers

traceroute shows 1 hop and its fine.

rgds/ James
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Stuart Browne
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Re: FTP speed on blade servers

Then there's still some information missing, given they are both on different subnets, and both subnet masks are fairly tight.

Show routing tables on both.

Also show iptbales rules on both (both -t filter and -t nat).
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Rob Leadbeater
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Re: FTP speed on blade servers

Another thing to consider is that blades tend to have a number of NICs...

Please post the output of

# ifconfig -a
# netstat -rn

from a server on each subnet. As others have said, this would appear to be a routing issue.

You've said that Linux is new to you, so it would be useful to see actual output of commands, rather than you just saying the output is "fine".


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Re: FTP speed on blade servers

With blade servers (at least the new c-series), the speed/duplex state you're seeing with the OS tools (ethtool and the like) will refer to the blade rack's internal wiring only. The internal wiring is forced to 1GB Full Duplex at the hardware level, so it would be surprising if this is incorrect.

To know the speed/duplex settings of the physical outgoing interfaces, you must examine the settings of the enclosure's integrated switch module. If using a pass-through module instead of the integrated switch, the external switch *must* be 1GB Full Duplex capable: the pass-through module is 1GB Full Duplex *only*.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: FTP speed on blade servers


If it were all systems on the blade, I'd suspect you outstripped the blades network capacity with demand.

I would suspect in this instance that its a network switch port issue, perhaps duplex is set manually and it should not be.

Steven E Protter
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