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FTP user

Occasional Advisor

FTP user

I need to create an ftp user who can do only ‘cd ‘ and ‘put ‘. Can you please tell me the procedure?


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Re: FTP user

OS is hp unix 11.31
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP user


I think you can't give access ftp user can run this 2 commands.

If you are doing ftp from windows to unix and the ftp contents are same then right a batch file in dos "myftp.bat" make it myftp.exe and run from windows.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP user

> Can you please tell me the procedure?

With the usual HP-UX FTP server? I can't.

"man ftpd" (or any number of threads in this
forum) will explain how to arrange a "guest"
account which will limit access to a
particular directory tree. Options in the
"ftpaccess" file can be used to stop some
operations. You can set the permissions on a
directory to stop an FTP user from _seeing_
any of the files on the server, but that
wouldn't prevent a download if he knew the
file name.

Other FTP servers exist, and these may offer
other possibilities.

Many things are possible, but not always
exactly what you'd like. It might help if
you specified exactly what you'd like to
allow and what you'd like to prevent, instead
of specifying exactly _how_ you'd like to do
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP user

To limit an ftp user to only those two commands would be a bit difficult.

What you can do is limit where they can go by setting them up as a 'chroot' account. That way they can only cd within 'their' account. The ftp protocol gives them put/get, so keep their directory clean of files you don't want them to access.

You can do a search here on how to set 'chroot' up.