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FTp transfer

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Super Advisor

FTp transfer


Am installing a sw patch, i downloaded from ITRC to desktop now moved via scp patch corrupted.

so ftp it also fails.

any help how to transfer.

how to transfer in binary mode?


ftp> put hpux__11.31_04280221.tgz...

Honored Contributor

Re: FTp transfer


Are you getting connected to the server via ftp?

Are you able to transfer the file to the server?

Other than this file, are you able to transfer any other file?

Just use ftp> hash

so that we can check if it is transfering

==> how to transfer in binary mode?

this will change to binary mode ( by default it will be in binary mode).


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Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: FTp transfer

>>how to transfer in binary mode?

to transfer to binary mode you need to type bin in ftp prompt like this

Connected to rakhyar.bls.com.
220 rakhyar FTP server (Version Fri Apr 20 07:27:42 GMT 2001) ready.
User (rakhyar.bls.com:(none)): sp12345
331 Password required for sp12345.
230 User sp12345 logged in.
ftp> bin
200 Type set to I.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: FTp transfer

> [...] i downloaded from ITRC to desktop
> [...]

Downloaded what, exactly, how, exactly, using
what, exactly? Is "desktop" some kind of
Windows system? Are you using the MSIE Web

Some Web browsers try to "help" you by trying
to expand compressed files, like, say, a
".tgz" file. Using a Web browser (or a
program like wget) on the HP-UX system itself
can sometimes save you from much trouble.

> [...] now moved via scp patch corrupted.

Corrupted how, exactly? How do you know?

SCP and binary FTP generally don't damage
file data. (Some Web browsers may.)

> [...] failed.

What, exactly, does "failed" mean here?

Look at the file sizes. Does the download
page tell you how big the thing is? How big
is what you got?

On the HP-UX system:

file hpux__11.31_04280221.tgz
Regular Advisor

Re: FTp transfer

Hi Faizan,

You can also use winscp350.exe tool to transfer from window desktop to server...

If wanna do FTP.. from FTP prompt give bin (for binary mode) and put command to transfer the file in server.

winscp tool , scp or FTP usually dont corrupt the file while transfer..

downloading patches from ITRC usually dont corrupt the file too.

Kindly try one more time..it go successfully .
Choice is all yours.....

Valued Contributor

Re: FTp transfer

Hi Fizan,

Seems that you are using a Windows Management server for the Unix servers

Best use a free FTP s/w like WS_FTP or FileZilla -- google that -- the GUI would help make it easy for furture FTPs

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