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Fantasia software has exoired.


Fantasia software has exoired.

Hello Everyone,



We found that the FANTASIA software in our HP-UX boxes stopped working due the following error starting this 2012:


LASER program installation has expired.


This software is used for printing forms for POs., requisitions, checks etc. We tried to use an executable found in the FANTASIA folder called expiry_date but it requires a validation code that is not in our records. We have tried to guess the code without success. The same program aborts when we enter the last known validation code used during software evaluation in 1995. The software was installed between 1993 and 1998 but the validation code and expiration date was probably set at the factory.


Does anybody know a workaround for this?



donna hofmeister
Trusted Contributor

Re: Fantasia software has exoired.