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File System Corrupt

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File System Corrupt

Hi Mates,
I have a problem with my debian server, I have two serveres with debian linux connect to EVA 4000 and shared some file systems, one of this servers was format and installed Windows 2k3, but don't was disconnect to the EVA.
The problems is that right now the linux servers can't access to the eva data (file system) because this file system appear corrupt.
I m rockie in linux, how can repair a File System Corrupt in Linox Debian?

Thanks a Lot
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: File System Corrupt

¿Do you mean by shared file system, that both servers see the same virtual disk?

It's hard to say because I don't know exactly how the vdisks are presented and what really happened (in fact, I don't know how did you dedide to install windows instead of linux ;)

But anyway, if the vdisk was formatted on Windows, I think that you won't be able to recover them.

¿What is the error that you get? ¿Can you mount it? ¿Do you see garbage on the file system?

Maybe fsck -b could help.
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Robert Walker_8
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Re: File System Corrupt


If windows was allowed to see a linux partition and prompted to write its signature to the linux disk and was successfully done then I believe you have lost the disk.

It is unwise to allow Windows systems and non windows systems to be see from a SAN - as a windows admin may inadvertently format the disk as for windows it will come up as unformated.

Best to partition SAN away from Linux and Windows to avoid clashes.

You may be able to fsck the device from Linux, but suspect its been killed by Windows.

One option would be to do a

# strings /dev/ | more and see what you get - this will display all ascii text to the screen if there is stuff there.

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Re: File System Corrupt

I'm with Robert - when you boot a Windows server, it want's to claim and posess all disks it sees and finds as it's own. So, if you had Linux partitions available to that Windows box, it will prompt to want to sign that disk. All Windows admins would have to be taught how important it is to deny access to those boxes. Heck, you can't even load multiple Windows OSes on the same hard drive and get Windows to NOT mount the other partitions as a drive letter!

So, like Robert, I think your disk has been pwnd by Windows.

I'd check with HP and see if they have something similar to its SecureLun Manager for the XP series available for the EVA line of arrays. It's software that limits visibility of Luns to specific machines which prevents these types of problems, as long as ALL machines on the SAN have the LUN limiting software loaded on them.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: File System Corrupt


The way the EVA works, if properly configured, is that LUNS are presented to systems by WWN, World Wide Name. WWN is like a MAC address for HBA/Fiber cards.

IF the LUN was presented to a windows system and a Linux system at the same time, that is the source of the problem.

There is no need for special toys, simply a logical, planned layout and zoning on the EVA.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: File System Corrupt

Regards Steven,

But a question - can you really put two different LUNS from the same storage server into two different zones?

Wow, is that because each Lun has it's WWN? If so, that's prettty neat! Wish I could do that with my XP!
We are the people our parents warned us about --Jimmy Buffett
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Re: File System Corrupt

Thanks Guys