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File and Directory Permission - Backup

Dhiyanesh Babu
Occasional Contributor

File and Directory Permission - Backup

I need to take a backup of application data residing in hpux11iv2 OS(PARISC Platform).

I am using Backup server running in Windows and CA is my backup software.

I tried to take the backup using SAMBA and when i restored i can able to view the files,but the file and directory permission is getting changed. My file and directory permission should not be changed, else my database will get corrupted.

Following are my queries

1) Can i use CA unix agent software in HPUX, wherein it will take care of permission of files/directory in HPUX

2) Using SAMBA can i take care of file/directory permission. Do any settings needs to be carried out.

3) If the above solution is not applicable. How do i take care of file/directory permission during backup/restore.

Kindly help me out.

Thanks and Best Regard
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: File and Directory Permission - Backup


1) CA run as root should be able to handle this.

2) Samba may be the source of the problem. Doing this through a samba share may involve a user that samba does not recognize.

3) I would do the backup and restore as root and not do it via a Samba share. tar/untar might also preserve permissions.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Dhiyanesh Babu
Occasional Contributor

Re: File and Directory Permission - Backup

Hi Shalom,
Thanks for providing support.My Backup software i.e CA is running in Windows.
DO you mean to say that from windows when i take the backup of user data residing in hpux i need to provide "root" user information in CA server running in windows.

Thanks and Best Regards,
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: File and Directory Permission - Backup

why are you using samba for this backup.

The CA should have unix agents which can take care of the permissions.

Eventhough you backup from Windows, the backup software is capable of maintaining and restoring files with the same permissions.

Please check the backup configuration section with CA on windows.