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File recovery from dead server

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Occasional Contributor

File recovery from dead server

I have a D380 server that was my Dev/QA box.  Shortly after I quit using it, the power supply failed.  Needless to say, I need a couple files off of it.


I have a tar backup, but it is unreadable on my L2000 box.  Not sure why - bad tape, wrong block, ???.


I also have an old D??? server that I pulled the power supply from, hoping to swap it.  Unfortunately, the D380 has a couple extra power connections that the doner supply doesnt have.


So, I have 2 questions.

  1 - Can I move the drives from the dead D380 to the working D??? and have it boot up?

  2 - Is there anyway to determine why the tar tape won't read?

Honored Contributor

Re: File recovery from dead server

1) That should work.  The D-series servers should be similar enough that the drives from one will work on another.


2) That is hard to determine without seeing what command(s) you used to create the tape and what command(s) you used to attempt to extract data from the tape and the error(s) that are generated.

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Re: File recovery from dead server

Thanks for the help Patrick. Moving the drives worked fine.