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Filenet !!!!!!!!!

Oon Soon Yeoh
Occasional Advisor

Filenet !!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I am maintaining a HPUX system with Filenet running.

The filenet version is:
idmis 3.4.2 SP2a

Every now and then filnet will hang, and when I check using filenet's diagnostic tools (cormon and PPMOI), it shows that there is a long queue in Filenet.

The filenet vendor will say it is a network problem and will always ask us to do a network trace. They concluded this from Filenet's elog.

Sample elog entries:
=====start of log======
2002/03/14 15:52:58.182 155,209,217 CSMs (28476) ...
cor_PutPacket failed to [2684]

2002/03/14 15:52:58.245 155,209,217 CSMs (22411) ...
cor_PutPacket: connection terminated prematurely

2002/03/14 15:52:58.537 155,18,120 COR_Listen (22427) ...
COR_Listen (22427): Warning: got SIGPIPE while talking to [2261], connection abnormally terminated

2002/03/14 15:52:58.482 155,209,217 CSMs (28469) ...
CSMs: Connection terminated due to network error

2002/03/14 15:52:58.780 155,209,217 CSMs (28465) ...
CSMs: Connection terminated due to network error
=====end of log======

I am not convinced of network errors because I have no problems connecting to the hpux server and oracle running on the server when filenet hung. Also, the logs are very generic, the network error could be due to a network time-out.

Filenet will clear itself about 30mins to 1 hour's time, and everything will be back to normal.

My question is:
Is there anything else that i should be looking at, to prevent this from happening again....

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Filenet !!!!!!!!!


There are a few things you can look at.

Check to see if you using the correct duplexing
on you lan cards. Logging/telnetting on will
not affect this but, file transers, ftp's etc will.

Use 'lanadmin' to see this
# lanadmin -x 0 or just lanadmin depending on
your operating system version.
Another way would be to use 'glance' and have a
look at your network traffic. If you haven't
got it installed, there is a 60 day trial version on the application CD set.

You could also use 'nettl' to monitor the traffic.
The man page on this has very good description.
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Oon Soon Yeoh
Occasional Advisor

Re: Filenet !!!!!!!!!

Checked the lan interface using lanadmin. looks ok.

We noticed the following :

1. users retrieved documents with filenet (through developer2k forms interface)
2. Viewing of documents take longer than usual
3. users claimed their client system hung
4. performed famous 3 finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
5. filenet will hang while waiting for queue to clear.
6. Filenet will eventually clear (from 30 mins to 2 hours)

Also forgot to mentioned that the documents are on cache (raw disk) as well as written to optical disks (jukebox)

Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Filenet !!!!!!!!!


check out, if filenet is capable to run with a higher log/tracelevel. Most applications have these type of debug switches, that provide more/additional information.

If everything else works fine, and you have no firewall or a router with a ruleset inbetween, I doubt network problems as well.

Hope this helps
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: Filenet !!!!!!!!!

Hi Oon Soon,

Once you have ruled out that your lan card & switch are both set to 100FD (auto off) you have ruled out network.
FileNet is notorious (Costa Mesa) for blaming everything else. But there are (in my opinion) a few good folks just have to know who they are.

I am going to presume your clients are probably running Capture for scanning & indexing. You can get some bogus network errors because:

1. The client just got fed up waiting and killed their session on their PC...FileNet could care less about this and now that queue will hang because the output (when's finally there) has no place to go...The process will hang-the system resource will hang !
YOU must find the culprit using your PPMOI and kill the PID at the top that's hung.

2.Check your configuration (fn_edit). See if your time out factors are too high and try adjusting.

** Also in fn_edit check the size of the image your sending. I think FileNet default is 64k (think of 64k your screen appears in chunks - slowly), we set ours to 512k (size of one page in FileNet). I believe this parm is the doc_buffer_sizekb. I only adjusted this for the IMS server, not any application or prefetch servers.

Hope this helps you...

..One last tip...FileNet logging complains alot, often for nothing. And unfortunately the one thing you need to be alerted to is buried in all that garbage. You have to wat it..and monitor it a-l-o-t
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: Filenet !!!!!!!!!

Here's one more thing...
FileNet has a mail list of other FileNet users. Get on it. Go to FileNet webpage and look for it or ask your SE how to do this.
You will get alot of email you don't care about....but in amongst them you will find some answers...and you can also email other FileNet users to help you too !!

Learn & Share,