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Find HBA Firmware version for HP branded HBA

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Find HBA Firmware version for HP branded HBA

cat /sys/class/scsi_host/host2/fwrev
1.11A5 (U3D1.11A5), sli-3


I thought, above command displays HBA FW version. I have HP 8GB Dual channel PCI-E FC HBA. On HP website, I see current version for my HBA model as 2013.08.01. 


Firmware - Storage Fibre Channel Description Current version Size (MB)

  • 2013.08.01
  • 10 Sep 2013


I am confused with variation in the version numbers. Can any one please clarify, on how to find the HBA firmware version from OS?

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Re: Find HBA Firmware version for HP branded HBA

"HP 8GB Dual channel PCI-E FC HBA" does not uniquely identify the HBA model.

HP has at least two HBAs matching that description.


One of them is Qlogic-based:


Another is Emulex-based:


Your /sys/class/scsi_host/host2/fwrev output looks like Emulex firmware version number syntax.


Looking at the download description page for the RHEL 6 firmware update for the above-mentioned Emulex card,

it looks like 2013.08.01 is the version of the package containing a collection of Emulex firmwares + a Linux firmware flashing tool.

By checking the "Enhancements" page, you will find the actual firmware version numbers contained in the package:


According to that (in case that awkwardly long link does not work), the 2013.08.01 package contains firmware version 2.01A4 for the 8GB Emulex HBAs (exception: version 2.02X6 for HBA model LPe1205a).

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Re: Find HBA Firmware version for HP branded HBA

Thank you for the clarification