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Formatting and mounting second HDD to a HP UX system

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Formatting and mounting second HDD to a HP UX system

Hello to all,


I hope someone here will be able to help me and to guide to the resources to solve my problem.


I have relatively old HP UX 10.20 machine with some special account software. The machine is HP B2000 workstation. This machine has two HDD. One is system (bootable) HDD while other HDD contains some special application software. UNitl recently everything worked fine, but then I discover problems during writing files using this application software so I suspected that ther maybe an error on the hard drive. I have made backups of both HDDs regularly.

So I put new HDD SCSI drive (Ultra 160, 18 GB SCSI with 80 pin connector).


So right now, systems starts OK but I haven't got this application software anymore. What I know is that whole second HDD was mounted as "wapp" directory in the folder list in fily system. Now, since new HDD is installed, it is raw file system and I nave transfer the backup from the DAT tape backo to this HDD. Now I can jump to this wapp folder and naturally when I type ls command it is empty. I have no much experience with HP UX, but in general first I need to format this new HDD and then to mount it as wapp. After I do this, I need to use DAT tape and tar xv command to copy all files back from the tape to new HDD.


What are the steps I need to do?

How to format this new HDD and to mount it with "wapp" name?



Thank you.