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Free Space

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Free Space


I have a Volume Group named "VolumeGroup002"
and I have 3 Logical Volumes in that Volume Group 30 GB each


now I want to extend all of them to 20GB size my question is how can I find out how much space I have left in my "VolumeGroup002"? so I can determine if I can extend those or I need to get another HDD to get more space.

I am not able to find a command that lets me know the available space in my "VolumeGroup002"

Correct me if I am wrong but the only way I can do this is

df -h and after that some lvm command like vgs or vgdisplay

is that the only way?

thanks a lot
Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!

Re: Free Space

Hi Karlo,

Yes, You have to use the vgdisplay command to see the free space left in the existing volume group. Look for "FREE PE /Size" field to check the free space.

If there is a space left, you can use LVextend to extend your logical volumes.

If not, add new drive and perform the extend VG using - vgextend, extend LV using - lvextend

Then finaly perform resize2fs command to extend the file system.

All the Best,