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Re: GSP Reboot and Console help

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Greg Stark_1
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GSP Reboot and Console help

We have an L2000 which we cannot login to becuase some moved the wrong version of nsswitch.conf into /etc. I think I need to boot into single user mode and edit the file by changing:
passwd: compat
passwd: files
I can login to the gsp via the web console. How do I reboot into single user mode from the gsp? I know these commands are different than regular HP commands and can be a little "touchy". Unfortuneatly, I can't seem to get the forum search engine to return any results.

Our L2000 also has a 3-way splitter coming out of the console port. The ends are labeled:
With this splitter, is it possible to have both the web console and the standard console functional at the same time?

Thanks again for you help.
Jean-Louis Phelix
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Re: GSP Reboot and Console help


You can't have a clean rebbot from GSP. The only thing you can do is a soft reset using the RS command. Then interrupt boot process at prompt, then use "bo", "interact with IPL yes" and finally at the ISL prompt use "hpux -is"

It works for me (© Bill McNAMARA ...)
S.K. Chan
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Re: GSP Reboot and Console help

As long as you can get to the console, you would be fine. At the console (regardless of how to get to it), enter CTRL-B and it'll prompt for "service processor login" and "password", just hit enter for both and that should bring you to GSP prompt. In GSP prompt enter "rs" (for reset).
GSP> rs
That will reboot your system, still in GSP mode enter "co" (console).
GSP> co
which will bring you to your console mode. Interrupt the boot up as usual and boot up in single user mode.
ISL> hpux -is
Yes the web console would be connected to "REMOTE" and the std console to "CONSOLE" and both can work at the same time.