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Hi , 

  I have installed git-2.15.0 version in my Hp-UX 11 31 ia64 machine and found that its not working as expected. 


I am getting below error when i try to execute "git --version " command.  Please help me to get rid of this error. 



Git-2.14.2 version was working perfectly. 

Output :

# git --version
/usr/lib/hpux64/ Unable to find library ''.

Honored Contributor

Re: Git-2.15.0 is the zlib compression library. The output of

ldd `which git`

might tell you where the git binary is expecting to find that library. The next problem is figuring out the reason why that library is not at that location: if you installed the git-2.15.0 depot from, have you also installed the correct version of the zlib depot from the same repository?

If you got your git binary from somewhere else, where did you get it? Are there listed any pre-requisites for installation? Are they fulfilled?


Patrick Wallek
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Re: Git-2.15.0

>>...have you also installed the correct version of the zlib depot from the same repository?


The better question is did you install ALL of the necessary dependencies?  According to the Git-2.15.0 page on the HP-UX repository, there are a total of 25 dependencies that also need to be installed.


The dependency list is:  

bzip2 curl cyrus_sasl db editline expat flex fontconfig freetype gdbm gettext heimdal libXft libXrender libiconv libidn libpng libunistring m4 openldap openssl perl tcltk termcap zlib


Your best bet in a case like this is to first download and install the depothelper:


Once you have that installed you can use it to automatically download a package, plus all of its dependencies, and install it.