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HBA compatibility

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HBA compatibility

I will be upgrading my HPUX server from 11.00 to either 11.11 or 11.23. I have following HBAs installed on the system. How can I found whether these HBAs will work with 11.11 & 11.23 version of HPUX

1 HP 3404A
2 HP 3591A
3 HP 6684A
4 HP 6795A
5 HP 6826A

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Re: HBA compatibility

First go to partsurfer
and check the model name of the hba.
After that, you have to check if you model server accept one of this cards.
For example the HP 6795A can go in some rp like 3410 or 8440 which support 11.11 and 11.23.
So depend of the model of the server we think upgrading, you could check the compatibility of an hba model.
Hope it helps
Andrew Rutter
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Re: HBA compatibility


check this support matrix's

I seem to remember that the HSC and eisa cards are not supported for 11.23 but ok for 11.11, but the pci cards are probably ok for both versions

you must ahve a few different servers as well? as the cards listed go in different ones, K,D and L class ones