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HELP! FC driver in kernel but not in fcmsutil output

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HELP! FC driver in kernel but not in fcmsutil output


Model - rx4640, ia64
HPUX 11.31

FC - HP Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter

fcmsutil /dev/td0
Vendor ID is = 0x00103c
Device ID is = 0x001029
XL2 Chip Revision No is = 2.3
PCI Sub-system Vendor ID is = 0x00103c
PCI Sub-system ID is = 0x00128c
Link Speed = 2Gb
Local N_Port_id is = 0x685213
N_Port Node World Wide Name = xxxxx
N_Port Port World Wide Name = xxxxxx
Driver state = ONLINE
Hardware Path is = 0/2/1/0
Number of Assisted IOs = 33189902
Number of Active Login Sessions = 2
Dino Present on Card = NO
Maximum Frame Size = 2048
Driver Version = @(#) td - HP Fibre Channel Tachyon TL/TS/XL2 Driver B.11.31.04 /ux/core/isu/TL/kern/src/common/td/td_drvinit.c: Jan 20
2008, 10:54:21

# swlist FibrChanl-00
# FibrChanl-00 B.11.31.0803 FibreChannel;HW=A6795A,A5158A
FibrChanl-00.FC-TACHYON-TL B.11.31.0803 FibreChannel (TD) Driver

Customer states for an upcoming upgrade to EMC SAN, the HBA needs to have an upgraded driver applied. The software appears to be there as output of swlist shows, however customer states it needs to show in output of fcmsutil, which it does not.

Is there something I need to do to apply this driver to both cards?

Help please! Thanks!


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Re: HELP! FC driver in kernel but not in fcmsutil output

B.11.31.0803 is the version number of the FibrChanl-00 bundle. The last 4 digits identify the release date of the bundle: 0803 means March 2008.

The "Driver Version" field in the fcmsutil output includes the development version number of the driver source code file. It also includes the modification timestamp of the file: Jan 20 2008, 10:54:21.

It would seem that the driver was moved from development to testing at or after Jan 20 2008. After that, no changes were made to the code (not even minor ones, like updating the version number) to avoid introducing new bugs, until the driver was packaged into a software bundle for the March 2008 release.

So, it looks like your customer is unaware of how the version numbering of the HP-UX 11.31 driver bundles work, and is comparing apples to oranges.

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Re: HELP! FC driver in kernel but not in fcmsutil output

Thank you very much! That answered my question and gave me the "ammunition" to defend my statements.
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