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HP 11iv3 APA group failover issue


HP 11iv3 APA group failover issue

Hello everybody,

I come from Sun Background,I have RX3600 server with 11iv3 on it. I have 4 ports want to configure group failover on them and to use 1 IP, I do have APA installed on system, I tried link agregate ( not sure if its what i needed to) I couldnt add the four ports to the link agrgeate I created on the first port.

The APA admin guide is not clear about how to add other ports. However I guess what I need is group failover, I created group failover through SMH and added the four ports to it, and assigned them an IP, but couldnt ping the system. when delted the failoer and assign the IP to single port at a time it works.

is there somthing missing I should check, or I should check the nortel switches with the Network Admin, and what to ask him specifically.

Many Thanks!
Fabio Ettore
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 11iv3 APA group failover issue

Hello Aladdin,

first of all you must check connections and then test connection between lans by linkloop. To get linkloop to work lans mustn't already aggregate. So test 4 ports by linkloop to check you get --- OK.

Read also the following link which reports examples and good suggestions about APA Failover Group:


Best regards,
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Re: HP 11iv3 APA group failover issue


How did you set up the aggregate?

HP-UX 11.31 has a new command nwmgr(1M).
It replaces linkloop, linkadm, and lanscan.

Can you run this commands (assuming your aggregate link is lan900):

# nwmgr -c lan900

# nwmgr --st -I 900 -S apa

# nwmgr -S apa -I 900 -v

# nwmgr --diag -A
dest=0xaabbccddeeff -c lan900

# nwmgr --stats monitor -q counter=p -q value=d -I 900 -S apa


VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic

Re: HP 11iv3 APA group failover issue

Many Thanks for all your replies guys.

It was solved by the network guy reconfigured the Vlans.

Having read the document im still not sure about the difference between the failover group and Link aggregate in HP-ux.