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HP 9000 K370 Unknown Error Message

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HP 9000 K370 Unknown Error Message

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I have installed some networking (and other) software on my K370 and am now getting the following message after successful bootup (system at the # prompt):


INIT: Command is respawning too rapidly.

Will try again in 5 minutes.

Check for possible errors.

id: ded "/sbin/ded"


This error repeats itself every five minutes and the system does not return me to the # prompt. How do I exit this loop?


Any idea which program is causing this error to appear? What is the fix for it? How do I isolate the particular program causing this so I can remove it or fix it?


On the bootup checking run, I get:


Starting Datakit subsystem - fail       (all other checks pass without error)




lvol5 and lvol8 need checking


Is the Datakit subsystem error/fail causing this? How do I check lvol5 (opt) and lvol8 (var)?






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Re: HP 9000 K370 Unknown Error Message

Boot up into single-user mode, mount /usr and /var and edit the /etc/inittab file.   I would comment out the line that appears to be causing problems, which appears to be the line that starts with 'ded'.


If the syntax of that line in inittab is incorrect then it can cause you problems.

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Re: HP 9000 K370 Unknown Error Message

As to checking lvol5 and lvol8, I assume the system is saying to check them with 'fsck'.


To do that:


# fsck -y -o full /dev/vg00/rlvol5

# fsck -y -o full /dev/vg00/rlvol8

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Re: HP 9000 K370 Unknown Error Message



Commenting out the 'ded' line in inittab fixed the problem.


Also running fsck on the two lvol's fixed them, as well.


Thanks for the great help!