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HP 9000 rp3440

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Phillip Popp
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HP 9000 rp3440

Got a new (used box) and am having an issue with communicationg with it. Apparently this box does not come with a standard interface to hook up a monitor. I am able to go into it with a terminal directly on the back. Set up ip address and made sure network card is assigned and enabled. My main issue is I can not seem to communicate with it through the network. Like telnet, ftp. I can't even ping it sucessfully. Is there any setting past the obvious ones. The network card seems to be enabled. I just do not know where to look further as I am not overly experienced in hp UNIX as a system admin. Any of you guys wokred with this box before and can give me a clue. Should I absolutly break down and get a card so that I can hook up a monitor? With a terminal I can't even go into CDE enviroment of which I am acustomed.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Re: HP 9000 rp3440

There are a lot of factors to consider here, most have to do with your specific network environment. A couple of questions:

What version of the OS are you running?
(Run # uname -a)

There are two Ethernet ports on these servers. Have you configured lan0 or lan1?

Run the following commands to check:
# lanscan

You should see two lines containing the interface info. Look for Net-Interface (lan0, lan1, etc).

# ifconfig lanX (choose from one of the two you see in the above command and then run again for the other).

# netstat -r

Check for default routes that may be required. Assuming all is OK with the above (per your environment); then perhaps you switch cables to another port and try again.

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Michael Steele_2
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Re: HP 9000 rp3440


Run this command:

'set_parms initial'

Read the man page on set_parms first as it changes in the newer version of HP-UX.

Gather up this info.

default gateway ip - netstat -rn from another box

hostname ip - assigned to you from net. admin
domain name
DNS / nameserver ip
NTP ip (* time server *)
subnet mask - see network admin
network id - see network admin
timezone - est5 ?

If you make a mistake then just rerun the command, its very reliable.
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Re: HP 9000 rp3440


Unless the correct drivers were installed when the current os was built adding a monitor video card may not work.

The installation guide describes the whole console setup process with flow charts and can be found here:

See the notes under the console section about getting the ilo port connected to a dumb terminal or pc serial port using the supplied console/remote/ups cable. Once you have set or if you already know the IP address for the ilo card you can use it with telnet or https.
If you are reusing the ip address it came with make sure you start off connecting on the same subenet in case the router and masks are different from your usual arrangements.
Once connected to the ilo port this will allow you perform low level admin such as reseting the system, rebooting it, boot from dvd and gives access the OS console via a terminal session . The menu help is quite good .
Unless you know the root password for the OS
you will probably need to boot from a dvd to get to a recovery shell or even better reinstall the OS your self. That way there are no configuration and patch surprises when you get to put useful work on it .
hp-ux 11.31 is supported providing the firmware is up to date.

I hope this helps
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Re: HP 9000 rp3440

You should realize that in server systems, the CDE environment is usually regarded as *optional* and often disabled for security (less code running = less vulnerability to newly-discovered security bugs).

In PA-RISC server systems, the serial console is the fundamental main control interface: even if a VGA card is installed, the serial port will still be the main console. The VGA display will be activated only when the X server starts... which is one of the very last events of the boot sequence. The PDC firmware menus and the boot loader prompts are accessible by the serial console only.

In HP-UX 11.31, CDE won't even be installed by default: you must select it in the OS installation program to install it.

If you're learning to become a Unix sysadmin, I recommend that you get familiar with the command line: when you're fixing a system that has serious problems, the command line is often all you have.

rp3440 also has the iLO Management Processor, which has its own network interface which will answer to telnet, HTTP and (optionally/depending on firmware version) SSH connections even if the main server is powered down, as long as the system receives power. This is a very useful tool for the sysadmin: learn to use it.

Think of it this way: this is not a personal computer that is repurposed to a server, but a real server system that is designed from the ground up to be placed into a cold, drafty server room, to be operated remotely from the sysadmin's office.

If you have an Ignite installation server available in your network, you can even use the iLO to re-install the OS to this server while being physically 100 miles away. You don't even need more than a basic 9600 bps GSM mobile phone data connection to do that.

Michael Steele_2
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Re: HP 9000 rp3440


Servers now-a-days all have serial port connections for PC - In your Windows laptop, or desktop PC, look for hyperterminal under accessories. All you need is a serial cable. Before you go find one, look at the connections on your laptop and the server and line them up .
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Phillip Popp
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Re: HP 9000 rp3440

Thanks for all your great suggestions. It turned out to be the ip address was old and no longer an active connection.