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HP PSP w/RHEL5 and dl585 G2

George Milas
Occasional Visitor

HP PSP w/RHEL5 and dl585 G2

Hi All,

I just finished installing the PSP for rhel5 on one of our servers. Please be informed that the new version of PSP stinks as much as the old version. I have been waiting patiently, for over an hour, for hp-OpenIPMI to finish loading so that my server can boot. Will it boot?

I doubt it.

Now I will take more punishment upon myself by calling HP's support, for which we pay vast sums of money for, and get absolutely nowhere.

thx hp

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: HP PSP w/RHEL5 and dl585 G2


Are you sure its G2 and not G5?

This server if its a G5 may not be supported on the OS by HP. Which means use RH 5 at your own risk.

I've installed it on a few older 1U servers at work and its reasonable but clearly not ready for prime time.

I'm sorry your not happy with HP support. I've actually found them to be very good. If you voice your concerns to your Representitive from HP, you may get better support.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP PSP w/RHEL5 and dl585 G2

Please share more details of the hardware /software version and configuration.
I never faced any problem with HP-openIPMI PSP7.70) with G5 servers.
Hp-OpenIPMI wont work with old generation servers ,which dont have embeded health.