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HP RGS 4.1.3 on 11.11 - Login question

Peter Jahn

HP RGS 4.1.3 on 11.11 - Login question

I'm using HP RGS sender 4.1.3 on a c8000 running hp-ux. I'm connecting to sender from a Windows 7 x64 machine using RGS receiver in 5.4.0. When I connect to the hp-ux system the receiver asks me to login with my unix username and password. That's ok so far. But after that the CDE-login screen appears and asks again for my credentials. Is there any way to configure easy login or single sign on? Is there a way to configure pass the credentials from the receiver to the CDE login? I really would love not to have login twice each time.

Thanks for your help.
Greg Hughes
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP RGS 4.1.3 on 11.11 - Login question

Easy Login and Single Sign On are only supported on Windows senders. HP-UX and Linux senders require the two step authorization and authentication process.