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Re: HP Software depo Apache with LDAP issue


HP Software depo Apache with LDAP issue

HI guys,


I've come to this great community with a problem that everything that I could find is related to a bug, in the ldap code in the apache  but nothing else.


My problem happens after installing the Apache from HP software depo, it installs sucessfully and everything, but when I setup a directory with mod_authz_ldap and validate if its working I'm getting the following error:


[Fri Feb 27 23:03:27 2015] [debug] util_ldap.c(313): LDAP: Setting referrals to On.
[Fri Feb 27 23:03:27 2015] [debug] util_ldap.c(333): Setting referral hop limit to 5.
[Fri Feb 27 23:03:27 2015] [debug] util_ldap.c(341): Unable to set LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT option to 5: -1.
[Fri Feb 27 23:03:27 2015] [info] [client <hidden-ip>] [13711] auth_ldap authenticate: user asd authentication failed; URI /soap-server [(null)][Can't contact LDAP server]


I'm running this apache in a brand new HP-UX server  so nothing it is installed except the Apache. Have any of you faced this problem before? 


I'm doing the same configuration with the same Apache version but in a Linux box and is working just fine. So I really thing it has to do on how the HPUX version was built.




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Chris Howard
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Re: HP Software depo Apache with LDAP issue

Did you get any replies to this?  I have the same problem with server we configured in Feb/April 2016.