HP UX 11.32 ISO Download

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HP UX 11.32 ISO Download


how can i find the ISO image file for the  HP UX 11.32 please advise ? 
Please send the link if posible


Re: HP UX 11.32 ISO Download

There is no such version of HP-UX as 11.32.

You either mean HP-UX11iv2 (which has the engineering name 11.23)

or HP-UX11iv3 (which has the engineering name 11.31)

Neither are available "for free download" on the internet (at least not legally). If you have purchased a HP-UX license, or have a support contract which includes software update rights then the software ISOs would be available to load here


But only once you are logged in and have entered an entitlement order number (if you purchased a new license) or have linked your support agreement ID to your HPE Passport profile (if you have a support contract).

If you didn't purchase a new HP-UX license or you don't have a support contract then sorry you are not entitled to download ISOs of HP-UX.

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