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HP-UX 11.i v2 upgradation

Valued Contributor

HP-UX 11.i v2 upgradation

Hi Champs,

i am going to upgrade one of my rp4440 host from 11.11 to 11.23. I would request your help to get details on the following;

1. Where can I find details about whether my I/O cards are supported in 11.23 or not.

2. I have iSCSI initiator software installed in 11.11. Do I need to re install iSCSI software after upgrading OS to 11.23. We want to configure CHAP authentication.

3. I have autoport aggregation software installed and configured for load balancing. Do I need to reconfigure / re install APA after upgradation ?

Thanks in advance.
Don't give up. Try till success...
Valued Contributor

Re: HP-UX 11.i v2 upgradation

Friends:- Need your help. Thanks
Don't give up. Try till success...
Super Advisor

Re: HP-UX 11.i v2 upgradation

MY friend sorry i am not able to help you but you can do one thing log a case with vendor, they will able to guide you.

Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX 11.i v2 upgradation

First, a standard warning:
If you plan to use update-ux instead of cold-installing a new HP-UX version, always take a full Ignite backup of vg00 first.

It is a known fact that the update-ux does not always work: its success rate is significantly less than 100% when upgrading from one major version to another.

Most experienced sysadmins here in the forums will usually recommend a cold-installation instead of using update-ux if at all possible.

Google for "update-ux fail" for examples.

(Another point: if your system was installed using default settings for 11.11, your /stand and root filesystems might be too small for 11.23. As the first three LVs of vg00 must be contiguous and in the right order for the system to boot successfully, extending them is not simple even if you have OnlineJFS.)

1.) This information is normally found in the documentation for 11.23: Installation Guide and/or Release Notes.

2.) An iSCSI initiator software very likely contains kernel components, so yes, it is likely you must re-install a 11.23 version of it. (The kernel components designed for 11.11 will definitely *not* be supported in 11.23.)

3.) You must install an 11.23 version of APA with the upgrade. But the 11.11 APA configuration files should be applicable to 11.23 APA without changes, I think. (Disclaimer: our APA-equipped systems are all running 11.31, so I cannot check at the moment.)