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HP-UX Alternate SAN boot path is gone?

Occasional Contributor

HP-UX Alternate SAN boot path is gone?

primary os boot from internal drives

DR OS boots from MSA array


I can no longer see the MSA drive from the EFI Shell?


When booted into primary os I can see the MSA drive with no issues, I can see the the boot device is all intact.


#efi_ls -d /dev/rdisk/disk6_p1 /EFI/HPUX
FileName                             Last Modified             Size
.                                     11/ 5/2009                  0
..                                    11/ 5/2009                  0
hpux.efi                               1/ 6/2013             698356
nbp.efi                               11/ 5/2009              31232
AUTO                                  11/ 5/2009                 12


What could be the issue here?  Why can't I see the MSA drive all the sudden?




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Re: HP-UX Alternate SAN boot path is gone?

When you can't see the boot paths, go to the EFI shell and run:


reconnect -r

map -r


If this brings back the boot paths, you are probably using an older fibre card which may respond slower than expected when auto-negotiation takes place. The fix is to change the switch port to a fixed bit rate (ie, 2Gbit or 4 Gbit rather than auto).