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HP UX Apache 2 suexec

Sara Dyer
Occasional Visitor

HP UX Apache 2 suexec

I'm trying to set up suexec in a virtual host in the ssl.conf.
I'm using ScriptAlias and SuexecUserGroup and I receive the following error in the suexec_log file -

uid: (501/smbnull) gid: (0/0 cmd: enforcer
cannot run as forbidden gid (0/enforcer)

Respected Contributor

Re: HP UX Apache 2 suexec


In the apache documentation at:

When suexec is used to launch CGI scripts, the environment will be cleaned down to a set of safe variables before CGI scripts are launched. The list of safe variables is defined at compile-time in suexec.c.

I suspect the suexec is your problem. You can modify the suexec.c file to allow ORACLE_HOME and re-compile apache, or launch your CGIs without using suexec.

Hope it will resolve ur issue.

Sara Dyer
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP UX Apache 2 suexec

I need Apache to run a compiled ada program.

This works w/o suexec using ScriptAlias, but that is a security finding so I am trying to use suexec.

If I don't use ScriptAlias or define a
When I add a ScriptAlias or define a