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HP-UX printer issue

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HP-UX printer issue

May be the first time I've ever googled something and come up with no actual matches...


machine:/# lpstat wu_TS

printer queue for wu_TS
Error PS Emulation
no entries

no entries


What does this mean? I've assumed that "PS" indicates an issue with postscript, but other than that I've really no idea how to go about this.


The issue we're seeing is that the printer doesn't print whatsoever from Oracle, though printing from Word or anything else seems to work.


Dennis Handly
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Re: HP-UX printer issue

Do you know how this printer was setup?  What is the model script?

You can use "lpstat -s" to get this info.

I did remember there is a SAM command to save and restore and by mistake I just typed the name and vola:

$ /usr/sam/lbin/lpmgr -l

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Re: HP-UX printer issue

The "printer queue for <printername>" seems to be typical for remote printers (i.e. using the LPD print protocol).


The "Error PS Emulation" text may come from the printer itself, or form a separate LPD print server (maybe another Unix server, maybe a HP JetDirect box, maybe a third-party print server box).


The last "no entries" is the HP-UX box saying that its queue for the wu_TS printer is empty.


Without knowing the make and model of the printer (and the intervening print server box, if one exists) it is hard to know what the error means. It might mean that the printer is in "Error" state and the expected print job language is "PS Emulation", i.e. something that is compatible with the Adobe PostScript(R) but the manufacturer has not bought a PostScript(R) license from Adobe.


For comparison, here is a lpstat command output from a HP-UX system that is using the LPD protocol to communicate with a HP LaserJet 4000-series printer:

$ lpstat t2204lpr 

printer queue for t2204lpr
JetDirect lpd: no jobs queued on this port

no entries


If using a native JetDirect protocol, the output is more terse:

$ lpstat t2204
no entries