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HP UX v3 agile view

Fern H2O
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HP UX v3 agile view


Let me get straight to the point by showing you an example:


/dev/rdisk/disk36 /dev/rdsk/c15t0d0
/dev/rdisk/disk37 /dev/rdsk/c15t0d1


/dev/rdisk/disk36 /dev/rdsk/c9t0d1
/dev/rdisk/disk37 /dev/rdsk/c9t0d2
/dev/rdisk/disk38 /dev/rdsk/c9t0d3
/dev/rdisk/disk39 /dev/rdsk/c11t0d1
/dev/rdisk/disk40 /dev/rdsk/c11t0d2
/dev/rdisk/disk41 /dev/rdsk/c11t0d3

As you can see for the clarion disks, it gives me one disk number for each LUN regardles of how many h/w paths it has, which is obviously what it should do.
But, for DMX disks, it doesn't do that... Does anyone else have this issue? If so, why is this happening? fyi: 36=39, 37=40, etc..

I'm relatively new to v3, but i really liked how it took the hassle of dealing with multiple paths for one disk, by just have one virtual path for all.

Willy Perez
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Re: HP UX v3 agile view

In order to use the HP multipathing you will need to set the SPC2 bit for the hosts running 11v3. Also, for the new functionalities of 11v3 you will also need to set the OS2007 bit. Attached is the Array Controls Guide and on page 124 expresses how to set this bit per initiator. This would be the best way to go about setting these bits and is only with Solutions Enabler 6.4 or above. After you set these you will need to reboot the hosts that the bits were set on though.
Below are two Primus solutions that state what these bits are.

The following is a Primus(R) eServer solution:

ID: emc173498
Domain: EMC1
Solution Class: 3.X Compatibility

Goal What is the OS2007 FA Director edit flag used for in SymmWin?

Fact Symmetrix DMX Family

Fact Enginuity: 5772

Fact Enginuity: 5771

Fact Enginuity: 5671

Fact SymmWin: Director Edit FA port flag - OS2007

Fact OS: HP-UX 11i v3.0

Change Configuring host ports for HP and setting director port flag for OS2007.
Fix HP-UX 11i v3.0 introduces the following new host-based functionality:

* Automated device discovery of newly configured devices and/or device paths.

* Automated creation of Device Special Files (DSFs) for newly configured devices.

* Automated detection and adaptation of certain device attribute changes,
including LUN capacity change event.

* User configurable device aliases (support for SET DEVICE IDENTIFIER and

The related required DMX Enginuity enhancements for support of this
functionality is added with the release of SymmWin fix 20004415 released in
Enginuity 5772, 5771.99.108 and later, and in 5671.68.71 and later. This flag
can be manually enabled on a port by port basis in the DirEdit section of the
IMPL.bin file. The flag is labeled OS2007 on the SymmWin Edit Directors screen.

However, in an FA port or host sharing environment we strongly recommend the
use of the Solutions Enabler 6.4.x symmask set hba_flags command. The set
hba_flags command will allow the enabling of the OS2007 flag on an individual
HBA WWN basis.

Note: Enginuity 5671 will not support the SET/REPORT DEVICE IDENTIFIER. Refer
to solution emc182490

if enabling OS2007 at 5671 via the Solutions Enabler set hba_flags command.

Also note that if OS2007 is required the SPC-2 director flag should also be
set. For more SPC-2 flag information, refer to solution emc117300
<> .

This is down to director bit settings on the EMC ports - the settings are different
for 11iv3 vs. 11iv1 or 11iv2 - last time I looked you needed the following set:

Common Serial Number (C)
Enable Volume Set Addressing (V)
Host SCSI Compliance 2007 (OS2007)
SCSI-3 SPC-2 Compliance (SPC-2)
Unique World Wide Name (UWN)

# symcfg discover

# symmask hba list

### -wwn [ WWN of the HBA ]
### -dir [ FA Number ]
### -p [ port Number in the FA ]

## Note: Before modifying the flags, you must have at least one device
## lun masked to the HBAs.

# symmask -sid SymmSerialNum set hba_flags on OS2007,SPC2 -enable -wwn XXXXXXXXX -dir XX -p X

Note: To list all the HBAs with it's set flags, you'll need to run the
following symmaskdb command

# symmaskdb list database -sid SymmSerialNum -v

Note: Once you make the changes to the HBA_FLAGS on each FA, then you need to cleanout all the special files for all the LUNS that exist behind the FAs.

# rmsf [device file]

# shutdown -r -y 0

Fern H2O
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Re: HP UX v3 agile view


Thanks for all that info... very useful.

But I was kind of just looking for why it seems to work for clarion disks as opposed to DMX disks. Is there a reason for that? Has anyone had this issue before?