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HP-Unix 11.11

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HP-Unix 11.11

Hi ,

What is the EOL (end of life) for HP-Unix 11.11 operating system.

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Re: HP-Unix 11.11

James R. Ferguson
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Re: HP-Unix 11.11


HP-UX 11.11 hasn't been available for order since December 2009. It will be supported unitl December 2013. See:



Michael Steele_2
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Re: HP-Unix 11.11

This is a very common issue and one that's been handled by HP with money. If you continue to keep it and pay for it then they will support you.

And from time to time you see a posting here about HP-UX 9 or 10 or 10.20 for example. Or a T500 or 600. They are out there because people continue to pay HP to support them.

And if you choose not to pay HP for support, then there is the after market. Which is sizable enough for anyone to survive in paying time and labor.

Just do the research and find the new after market contacts.
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