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HP Visualize b132L Workstation

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HP Visualize b132L Workstation

I have a computer with  the HDD damaged need to change the hdd  but I need to record a backup from a tape but the copyutil application does not recognize it, what I need to do so that the application recognizes it?

Duncan Edmonstone
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Re: HP Visualize b132L Workstation

Wow copyutil - talk about ancient history! The 'copyutil' command was originally distributed as an aid, not a backup application. It was originally designed for field engineer use, and was never intented to be used as a full-blown customer  backup application.  Not only that but I suspect it is way out of support anyway... That said, maybe a little more information might help - what type of tape drive do you have and how is it attached to the B132L workstation? Has this ever worked in the past?

Do you have no other mechanism to recover? WHat efsrion of HP-UX was on the system?