HP ux root filesystem full.

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HP ux root filesystem full.


In my server Hp9000-K series Hp ux 11 is installed .
The root filesystem is in a logical volume. Now the problem is that the root file system is showing 97 % .Its causing the warning message as "root full" & the application like "exceed" is exiting frequently.
Can someone tell me how to extend the root file system size in this condition without disturbing the existing OS & data on it.

Thanks in advance
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

Hi Sanjay,

The first thing you could check is if someone made an error using a tar command.

# ll /dev/rmt

check if there is a large file omn

check for other large files in /

# find / -xdev -size +1000 -exec ll {} \;

Best regards,
Joseph Loo
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.


u may like to look for any core files or unwanted files in the "/" filesystem, cause there is no way of increasing the / filesystem without rebooting (that includes /stand and swap filesystem).

usually, we tend not to dump any unnecessary files in the root directory.

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melvyn burnard
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

well it might be quicker and easier to look for what may be filling up / file system.

For example, check in /dev and make sure no-one has accidentally created or put a large normal file there. A simple example is where someone does a tar or other such command and specifies an incorrect device, e.g. /dev/rmt/om instead of 0m.
The next place to look is if you do not have /var/adm/crash as a separate file system, do you have crash dumps in there? If yes, then unless they are relevant, remove them.

Another favourite is /var/adm/sw/save, where older versions of patches are saved to be used in the event of you wishing to revert to a previous patch.

Just a few thoughts.
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

Also ,

if /var is not a seperate file system check,


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Betty Fessler
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

Another option is to commit patches if the system is stable.
Hoang Chi Cong_1
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

And after you do everything to reduce the root filesystem but the trouble persit,
You have to extend root volume in single user mode. (Recommend make a full system backup before extend)
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

You might want to keep a session open to that system as root until you get the problem resolved. That is a pretty full. If it fills up you are gonna have extra reboots :). Make tape recoverying with the interactive option is a easy way to rebuild the system and choose the new correct filesystem sizes/layouts too assuming your disks have enough space to have that flexability. Good Luck.
Bill Hassell
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

In your case, root filesystem does NOT have just OS files and directories. The reason is that an 11.00 version of HP-UX needs about 50 to 75 megs--no more. If your filesystem has a lot more in it, there have been one or more mistakes.

The first is the size of /dev. Do this:

du -ks /dev

It should report less than 200k, more like 80k. If it is MUCH larger then someone has misspelled /dev/null (ie, /dev/rmt/om, /dev/nul or /dev/null2 or soemthing similar) and it would have to be root or a root process (since /dev is 755 permissions). There are no ordinary files in /dev:

find /dev -type f -exec ll {} \;

If there are, move or remove them from /dev. Then there may be application of developer junk left in the / directory 'because it's easy to remember /' These directories do not belong in /...move them. And of course there may be some logfile (NEVER allow logfiles in /) that is growing. Find the culprit(s) by looking for big directories (NOT big files):

du -kx / | sort -rn | head -20

It should look something like this:

69232 /
41080 /etc
38448 /sbin
26680 /etc/vx
21656 /etc/vx/type
10160 /etc/opt
8616 /etc/vx/type/static
6344 /etc/vx/type/gen
5904 /sbin/fs
5400 /etc/opt/resmon

The numbers are in kbytes. These are all OS directories. I suspect that there are other directories at the top of your list that need to be moved. Or there are very large files in / which you can see with:

ll / | sort -rnk5 | head -20

NOTE: You root HOME directory is probably in / (very bad idea). Create a new location for root's HOME (perhaps /home/root) and move all the ordinary files to that location. Find ordinary files with:

ll / | grep ^-

NOTE: Some of those files may be part of some developer's package or a vendor's package. If they are and they are quite large, use symbolic links to move them to /opt.

Enlarging the / directory requires a re-installation (or Ignite/UX which is the same thing) and is normally not needed by managing the / space carefully.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: HP ux root filesystem full.

Hi to all,

I will let you know the findings of the suggestions.

Thanks a lot