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HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues


HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

I have a HP9000 Container that I need to configure a new network print queue for.  I have created the queue on the Container host server and it works.  When I try to print from the Container it does not know about the new queue on the host server.  I need to know the procedure, step by step, on how to create a new network print queue for a HP9000 Container to use.

I am running a System Container using HP9000 Containers version A.03.01.03.  The container host server is running HPUX 11.31.

Many thanks in advance.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

Page 26 and page 35  of the HP9000 Containers Admin Guide has some basic instructions, though I'm not sure how useful it is.




Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

I used those lpmgr commands to migrate the print queues from the old PA-RISC server to the HP9000 Container host.  That worked fine.   What I am trying to do is to create a new print queue on the container host so the container can use it.  That seems to be the mystery.

Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

The Integrity host system and the container instances are name space isolated. You would need to expose the host printer device to specific container(s).


# srp -add <container_name> -tune device=<device_path>


Then need to expose the host system print queue as remote queue inside container for applications to access.





Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

On the container host I executed your suggested command using /dev/null as the device_path for network printer.

What then has to be done to "expose" this host system queue as a remote queue inside the container?

Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues

A colleague of mine recommended following steps for a similar query.


I think you need to add/delete the printer from inside the container too, using lpadmin command


I haven’t tested with a real printer, but a dummy setup (print to file) did work fine. Note that below commands are to be executed from within the container.


$ lpshut

scheduler stopped

$ cd /tmp

$ touch devfile

$ chmod 777 devfile

$ lpadmin -plp1 -vdevfile -mdumb

$ accept lp1

destination "lp1" now accepting requests

$ enable lp1

printer "lp1" now enabled

$ lpsched

scheduler is running

$ date | lp -dlp1 –onbr

equest id is lp1-1 (standard input)

$ cat devfile

Mon Dec 17 14:38:26 IST 2012 


Using similar steps you should be able to configure remote print queue inside the HP 9000 Containers.





Re: HP9000 Containers - Creating Network Print Queues


Your colleague was on to something, thank you for sharing.  It does appear that I need to create the queue inside the container.  It does not even need to be defined on the container host server.  In addition to this forum I had also opened a call with HP.  I was instructed via the call to perform the following.

1.  On the container the following ownerships and permissions must be as follows:

/etc     ownership= root:root    permissions= 755

/etc/lp   ownership=  lp:bin    permissions= 755

/etc/lp/member    ownership= lp:bin   permissions= 755

2.  On the container, create a remote print queue attached to a Windows print server


lpadmin -p<queue_name>  -v/dev/null -mrmodel -ocmrcmodel -osmrsmodel -orm<ip_of_windows_print_server>                  - orp<windows_print_server_queue_name>

accept <queue_name>

enable <queue_name>



To create a regulare network print queue, use hppi as you normally would.

I am now able to print from the container.  The HP9000 Containers Admin Guide will have to be corrected.

Thank you for your response to this post.