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HPDirSvr & Linux MD5 passwords

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HPDirSvr & Linux MD5 passwords

Bear with me while I lay down the background....


Long time HP-UX shop, in excess of 100 servers that historically have been locally administered, i.e. no central authentication like NIS or LDAP (don't ask.)  I sort of took the bull by the horns a couple of years back, and started a stealth project to maintain my sanity by using a cluster of 3 HP-UX rx2600 servers running HP Directory Services (relabelled RedHat Directory Services.)  I currently have B.08.10.03 running in a multi-master configuration.  HP-UX clients work well.


One of the local tools I've been working on is a system to migrate local accounts into the LDAP service.  I've been able to pull the passwords from HP-UX (crypt format) and store them in a new user's account in LDAP successfully.  Unfortunately, the Linux clients I have here (RHEL5.7 and OEL 5.7 and more recent,) use an MD5 hash scheme, i.e., the hashed form of the password appears as "$1$hashkey$hashedpasswd".  According to what I've been able to find on the public Internet, the upstream RHDS & Fedora 389 projects claim to be able to understand this format with a "{crypt}" tag in front of it, same as the hashed passwords from HP-UX.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm really not running either of those, but I am running HPDirSvr.


Does HPDirSvr understand this format?  If it does, what am I missing?