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HPUX 11.31 regular reboots required or not.

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HPUX 11.31 regular reboots required or not.

Can someone tell me their experiences with servers running HPUX 11.31 with Oracle/SAP on them having any know issue requiring rebooting the servers every 60 days or other to fix fantisy problems? I am trying to prove that there

is no know issues with the servers that require rebooting the servers to clear problems that do not exist. Perhaps with HPUX 11.11. But I have even seen those running ok without having to reboot them. As long as patches are applied of

course. We had one hpux11.31 server with Oracle/SAP that ran for over 1400 days without a problem.



Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX 11.31 regular reboots required or not.

HP-UX running for many years without a reboot is not unusual, but while the OS is very stable, applications cause the majority of reboot requirements. That said, it is not recommended to wait for years to reboot. Unless your machine is completely isolated and the apps are not never changed, you need to keep the patches up to date at least once a year.


The days of unstable patches (pre 11.11) seem to be long gone and running without regular patching is not good practice -- for any OS. That's why IT auditors want to see a regular patch schedule.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin