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HPUX Blade autoloader backup

lee pritchard
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HPUX Blade autoloader backup

I have 2 HPUX 11.31 Servers using Service Guard in a c7000 Blade Centre. 


We are waiting for the arrival of a FC 1/8 LT05 autoloader which we want to use for backups and Ignite.


I have to create a script that will:


mount the FC device  

pick the current day slot "Mon slot1" "Tues slot2"

run an fbackup command

unmount the device



I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up around the mc command for moving the tapes in the autoloader.


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Re: HPUX Blade autoloader backup


man mc

command should help you. The location indicators are always a bit different, but you specify

mc [-p device] -s <element_type><num> -d <element_type><num>

for robot device, source and destination.

Make sure to set up the loader in random mode.

Hope this helps!

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