HPUX Cheatsheet?

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Ron Kinner
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HPUX Cheatsheet?

I'm starting a new job where I'm going to need to work with HPUX again. Haven't done much with it since about 11.0 and haven't touched a UNIX system in about 4 years.

I still remember the basics but would like a short list of useful admin commands to refresh my memory (and so I don't look like a total idiot the first time I log on).

Can anyone point me to a good site?

James R. Ferguson
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

Hi Ron:

I think you will find the Managing Systems and Workgroups guide a useful review:



Doug O'Leary
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?


You're welcome to my cheat sheet(s)


Hope they help.


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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

hi Ron,

Hope you have not forgotten about good old:

Welcome back to the world of HP-UX sysadmin.

kind regards
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Court Campbell
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

I have attached a doc I inherited from another sysadmin. I have made updates to it here and there. Feel free to do with it as you will. Some of the info maybe 10.20 specific. Anyway, I hope it provides some info for you.
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Robert Herron

Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

This might be helpful:

"Unix Rosetta Stone"
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

Hi Ron,

See this thread:

When it comes to learning new commands, I like to do an 'ls' on '/usr/bin', '/usr/sbin', or another directory in ${PATH}, choose an unfamiliar command, and look up the relevant man page.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?


google search with the site:hp.com directive on the end.

My ITRC favorites folder is a great cheat sheet.


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Geoff Wild
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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

ITRC forums and docs.hp.com are the best resource. I have also compiled about 100 short docs on our intranet about HP-UX tips and info...

Here some of them - I can post if you like - but it would be longggggggggg!

How to replace failed mirror of a disk
Dynamically Compare HP Kernel Parms Across Servers
HP Bastille
Mirror disk replacement
Introduction to performance tuning for HP-UX
Dynamic Kernel Parameters
ISEE Training & Documentation: Advanced Configuration
How to configure MP port on network
HP Software Versions
VI Life Vest
Realtime Performance Gathering with Glance
Article on Securing HP-UX 11
Configuring Autoboot Options
How to reset ISEE password
Strong Random Number Generator Installation
HP-UX Secure Shell Installation
What's new with HP-UX 11i V2
Want /tmp to really be temporary?
How much memory in a HP-UX server?
How TO Create a new kernel - command line
HP-UX Performance Cookbook
How to mirror the root disk
How to decode those device numbers
How To use the MP Console
OnlineJFS Not Working?
Memory Usage â What is using all of the memoryâ ?
Move swap from 1 disk to another - live
How to determine your dds tape drive type
How to share a depot then install on remote server
UNIX Performance Monitoring
Updating the root disk LIF area
System Health Check
How to reset hung GSP or Console on a system
Using Enhanced AutoFS
How to move root home directory
HP-UX Misconfigured Resources
HP-UX JFS Tuning
RP7410 Pictures
What is swap?
Analyze core files
How to check mirror of root disk - contents of AUTO file
How to Change Instance Numbers on HPUX
Ignite client lan0 configuration
Testing cable connections between downed interfaces
Changing Operating Environments - Updating an Existing 11i System
UNIX Shell Scripting
Rockridge Extensions
Overview of the HP Integrity rx1600-2, rx2600-2
How to modify order of depots listed with swlist -l depot
freemem - a free memory monitor for HP-UX
Can not commit patches?
HP-UX Minimum Kernel Parameters for SAP
Finding system serial number from cstm
System Health Check Reports
LVM and VxVM Task Comparison
Want to know what SAM does?
HP-UX 11i v2 Operating System Quick Specs
Ignite Boothelper set up
Finding a process with UNIX95
How to timestamp every command executed
SAID Numbers for HP Servers
Useful 'set_parms' functions
ICOD Quick How To
Patching Mission Critical Systems
Security Patch Check FAQ
Netstat Examples
HPUX11i Foundtation/Enterprise/Mission Critical6
Geting a servers Serial number from HP-UX 11.11 and up6
HP-UX - Security Patch Check
Configuring Bastille to Operate with Ignite-UX
Ignite Recovery (C.6.2.241) Document
Create a Bootable Archive Tape via the Network
Common Problems with NFS
How To create the GNUPlot depot
How to mirror the root disk - Itanium
Resize /stand online
syncsort keys
How to restart snmp
Disable email for lp scheduler
How to make golden image with Ignite-UX
changing password on MP port old version
changing password on MP port new version
How To Create Swap - Command Line
ICAP Quick How To 6
Reasons not to have a flat filesystem
LogicalExtentsNumber is bigger than the maximum value allowed
How to extend root - live!
How To Analyse HP-UX crash dumps
Symbolic link problem with vxdump/fbackup command
Dynamic Root Disk FAQ
icap Installation procedure
Compartments - HP-UX 11i Version

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Re: HPUX Cheatsheet?

Hi again,

this one concerns system startup and configuration models.

hope this helps too!
kind regards

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