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HPUX Goldbase patch bundle installation.

Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

HPUX Goldbase patch bundle installation.

I have HP-UX 11i v1. And goldbase patch installed is B.11.11.0706.467. And now i want to install this patches as below,
1. HPUX Goldbase patch bundle B.11.11.0906.480
2. Patch PHKL_37544 - SCSI IO Cumulative patch
3. PHKL-38917 - Veritas Volume Manager
Please let me know whether if i installed the above patches do it will have any impact on Oracle 10.2g database and SAP Application ECC6.0.
Or else above patches are just HP-UX Operating System related i.e. it won't impact the oracle database and SAP application running?

R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX Goldbase patch bundle installation.

Hi Narendra,

PHKL_38917 is superseeded by PHKL_39892

Details for patch PHKL_39892{hpux:11.11,}&BC=main|search|

Details for patch PHKL_37544{hpux:11.11,}&BC=main|search|

You can go to above site and search for oracle, you will get few fixes etc for oracle.
Don't fix what ain't broke
Regular Advisor

Re: HPUX Goldbase patch bundle installation.


(1)As per your requirement search the patches from|&pageOsid=hpux

(2) Select the patch and go to the patch details; you can verify all the instruction related patch

(3)After downloading the patch,,, go through " Read me " text and then confirm with you DBA and SAP team.