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HPUX Servers comparision with IBM

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HPUX Servers comparision with IBM

Hi Gurus,


do anyone has rough idea which  HPUX server  Model can take  for comparing performance with  IBM P750 Server ?.


ie,we are having SAP runing on HPUX RX7640 Servers(4-6 years old now ) and planning to migrate SAP to new boxes  ..we have recd IBMP750 Server  for performance testing  and POC Test



which HPUX  servers i should ask for Comparing performance with  IBM P750 ?..Any suggestions








Patrick Wallek
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Re: HPUX Servers comparision with IBM

That's a very hard comparison.


If you want the same number of cores as the P750 (32 cores), you will likely need to look a tthe rx8640 (max of 16 dual core procs).


Info here: