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HPUX Too & resource lkit !

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Marco A.
Esteemed Contributor

HPUX Too & resource lkit !


Who of you haven't been performing a repair, installation, etc, and face that don't have the right software tools, scripts, etc, handy ?

This is real common situation in the IT env, so in my case I recommend always have a site...or media with some really important tools.

Some servers are connected to the internet, or they have a very limited connection, so as a consultant, what kind of tools could include into the HP-UX toolkit.

I start putting tusc , the q4 patch, putty is nice to connect or a CRT software, the standard hp-ux bundles.

What other SW do you recommend for the HP-UX tool & resource kit.

Regards and enjoy,

Just unplug and plug in again ....
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Re: HPUX Too & resource lkit ! - the manuals.

Also available offline as a CD delivered by hp.

And a lot of firmware ...

Hope this helps!

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Marco A.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HPUX Too & resource lkit !

That a good one, a lot of software also could be downloaded from for your personal resources.


Just unplug and plug in again ....